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Nepal’s Prime Minister Dahal Undergoes Confidence Vote Today

March 13, 2024
Prime Minister Dahal

Kathmandu – Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ is facing a crucial vote of confidence in the House of Representatives meeting today. The Prime Minister’s office formally requested parliament on Sunday to make arrangements for the confidence vote.

During a parliamentary party meeting on Saturday, Prachanda indicated his readiness to seek the confidence vote by the designated date after discussions with party leaders. His party has issued a whip instructing its lawmakers not to leave Kathmandu Valley until after the election of the National Assembly Chairman and the Prime Minister’s floor test.

The House of Representatives has been summoned for a session on March 13, where Prachanda will put his premiership on the line with the confidence vote. As head of a coalition government, he needs to prove he commands a majority in the 275-member lower house.

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Political observers view the confidence vote as a significant test for Prachanda’s five-month-old government. Failure to win the vote would amount to a no-confidence motion, potentially triggering fresh elections or an alternative coalition. His ability to unite disparate coalition partners and retain their support will be under scrutiny as lawmakers cast their ballots.

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