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Nepali Congress Demands Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane’s Resignation

March 15, 2024
Rabi Lamichhane

During a parliamentary session, the Nepali Congress party called for the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister, Rabi Lamichhane. MP Pradip Paudel, speaking at the House of Representatives, cited ethical concerns as the basis for this demand.

Poudel argued that Lamichhane’s continued tenure as Home Minister raises questions regarding the integrity of the position, emphasizing that individuals under scrutiny should not occupy such significant governmental roles. He also questioned the decision-making process of the Prime Minister in appointing someone facing allegations to such a pivotal position.

Additionally, Poudel expressed doubts about the government’s capacity to address financial challenges effectively, given the controversy surrounding Lamichhane’s alleged involvement in fraudulent activities. The call for resignation reflects ongoing discussions within the political sphere regarding accountability and ethical standards.

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