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CIB Chief Bajracharya Faces Potential Dismissal 

March 15, 2024
Kiran Bajracharya

The government is gearing up to remove Kiran Bajracharya, the current head of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CIB), following revelations of significant errors in the handling of the investigation into gold smuggling.

A high-level commission tasked with probing the gold smuggling case has recommended relieving Bajracharya of his duties due to serious lapses uncovered during the investigation process. The Ministry of Home Affairs is now primed to present the proposal for his removal from the bureau at the upcoming cabinet meeting. Bajracharya has held the position of CIB head for over a year.

In addition to Bajracharya, the commission has identified Superintendent of Police Sanjaysingh Thapa, as well as Deputy Superintendents of Police Rugam Kunwar and Durga Dahal, for potential disciplinary action. The commission’s scrutiny revealed deficiencies in the handling of the gold smuggling case, with specific concerns raised about the treatment of Jeevan Chalaune, a key figure in the scandal. Chalaune was reportedly summoned to the bureau’s office but was merely handed documents before being allowed to depart without further interrogation.

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Furthermore, the CIB faces allegations of shielding certain government officials and former Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara from scrutiny in connection with the case.

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