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Koshi State Assembly Meeting Scheduled for 1 pm Today

May 26, 2024
Koshi State Assembly
File Photo of Koshi State Assembly

The Koshi State Assembly meeting is scheduled for 1 pm Today (May 26th). This session, originally scheduled for May 13th, was postponed.

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However, the Nepali Congress party is boycotting the meeting, just as they did for the vote of confidence for Chief Minister Hikmat Kumar Karki.

The reason for the boycott remains the same – a pending Supreme Court case regarding the formation of the Koshi provincial government. The Congress party argues that the legal uncertainty surrounding the Chief Minister’s position necessitates postponing the meeting until the court hearing on May 29th.

While the Assembly meeting is scheduled, it’s important to note that the Nepali Congress’s absence may impact the proceedings and the range of perspectives represented.

Here’s the crux of the situation:

  • Kedar Karki, the previous Chief Minister, lost his majority after 30 days, leading to his automatic removal based on Article 168(5) of the Constitution. Hikmat Kumar Karki was then appointed as the new Chief Minister.
  • Kedar Karki challenged this appointment in the Supreme Court on May 9th, seeking his reinstatement and the cancellation of Hikmat Kumar Karki’s appointment.
  • A hearing on the writ is scheduled for May 29th. The Nepali Congress wants the Assembly meeting postponed until then, arguing the legal uncertainty surrounding the Chief Minister’s position.

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