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JSP to Withdraw Support for Government

May 12, 2024
JSP Party Upendra

The Janata Samajwadi Party, Nepal (JSP Nepal) is gearing up to withdraw its support for the current government led by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal. This move comes after Federal Council Chairman Ashok Kumar Rai left the party along with the majority of MPs, putting JSP Nepal Chairman and Deputy Prime Minister Upendra Yadav in a precarious position.

Despite the exodus of MPs, including Rai, Yadav initially stated that he was not ready to immediately leave the government. He met with Prime Minister Dahal and clarified that allegations of him aligning with the Congress party were false. However, when Dahal indicated that it would be easier for Yadav to exit the government, tensions escalated.

According to sources within the JSP Nepal’s central executive committee, the party is seriously considering withdrawing its support for the government. “It is no longer a matter of staying in the government; there may be a decision to leave the government and withdraw the support given to the government,” said a member of the executive committee.

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The party’s official meeting of the executive committee is scheduled for Monday in Kathmandu, where a formal decision is expected to be made.

On Sunday morning, Yadav visited Baluwatar to meet with Prime Minister Dahal after receiving information that the UML and Maoist parties were planning to leave the government in Madhesh. During the meeting, Yadav sought Dahal’s support in his struggle against the false allegations leveled against him. However, when Dahal did not offer the expected backing, Yadav promptly withdrew his support for the government.

The political landscape in Nepal appears to be shifting, with the JSP Nepal’s potential withdrawal of support posing a significant challenge to the Dahal-led administration.

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