Surge in COVID-19 Infections Detected Among Returnees from India

April 5, 2024
Surge in COVID-19

KATHMANDU, NEPAL – A rise in COVID-19 infections has been detected among individuals returning to Nepal from India, timed with the increase in travel for the New Year Bisu celebrations. The Gauriphanta border checkpoint reports a significant increase in positive cases.

“We’re seeing infections every day,” said Ganesh Saud, in charge of the health desk at Gauriphanta. “The infection rate at the checkpoint mirrors the surge in people coming home from India.”

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Testing was suspended on Friday due to a lack of kits, but prior days saw multiple positive cases. The highest single-day total in March was eight infections on the 17th. Those returning from India’s Maharashtra region appear particularly vulnerable.

Saud noted that the shortage of antigen kits had reduced testing capacity. While 1,000 kits arrived from the Kailali health office on Friday, full screening of all returnees would still take several days.

The Gaddachauki border crossing reports fewer infections but lacks any systematic screening for those arriving from India. Only individuals displaying symptoms are tested. Premsingh Bhandari, in charge of the Gaddachauki Health Desk, expressed concern that unscreened bus passengers could potentially spread COVID-19, tuberculosis, and other diseases.

While daily tests at Gaddachauki average 15-20, the infection rate is climbing. Bhandari advocates for targeted testing of Delhi and Dehradun bus passengers, highlighting the risk of a single infected individual causing broader outbreaks.

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