Patan High Court Summons Both Parties in Sandeep Lamichhane Case

April 5, 2024
Sandeep Lamichhane Case

KATHMANDU, NEPAL – The Patan High Court has taken action in the ongoing case against cricketer Sandeep Lamichhane, issuing an order for both parties to appear before the court. The order comes as Lamichhane has filed a writ seeking a review of his guilty verdict on rape charges.

A division bench of the court, consisting of Judge Nripadhwaj Niroula and Judge Krishnaram Koirla, issued the summons to facilitate further hearings in the case. This type of order is a standard procedure in disputes, calling upon the opposing party to provide information.

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High Court sources confirm that the next hearing has been scheduled for April 15th.

Cricketer Lamichhane was previously found guilty of rape and sentenced to eight years in prison and a fine of Rs 300,000 by the Kathmandu District Court. This verdict was based on a case filed by a woman identified as Gaushala 26. Lamichhane has subsequently appealed the decision to the Patan High Court.

Additionally, the victim has also expressed dissatisfaction with Lamichhane’s sentence, claiming it to be insufficient, and has filed a separate petition.

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