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Coronavirus Infection Rate Rises in Nepal’s Far West Province

March 22, 2024
Coronavirus Far West

The Far West Province of Nepal has seen a recent surge in coronavirus cases. In the last eight days, 21 new infections have been reported, a significant increase from the 26 cases confirmed in the preceding 18 days.

Despite the rise in infections, there seems to be little emphasis on prevention and monitoring. Ganesh Saud of the Gauriphanta ‘Health Desk’ notes an increase in cases, particularly near border checkpoints, and a general lack of health safety standard adherence among citizens.

“People may have begun to treat Corona as a common disease,” commented Dhangadhi resident Lekhraj Ojha, reflecting potential public complacency.

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While recent antigen testing of 800 suspected individuals at border crossings hasn’t revealed particularly severe cases, the situation highlights the need for renewed vigilance in the Far West Province.

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