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Resunga’s Forest Blooms with Vibrant Laligurans

March 13, 2024
Resunga's Forest

Gulmi Resunga, a popular destination for its religious, historical, and natural beauty, is now awash in the stunning red blooms of Laligurans flowers. The picturesque forest area is attracting a surge of tourists eager to capture the breathtaking scenery.

The Resunga region is known for its diverse floral displays, with different species blooming between February and April. Resident Bishwakarma praises the exceptional beauty of the forest during this time, noting that the vibrant red flowers have captured the hearts of visitors.

Domestic and foreign tourism steadily increases in Resunga as word of the spectacular bloom spreads. Khadka, a local official, expressed his awe at the natural beauty of the area, particularly the Laliguras flowers seen along the roads leading to the temples. A visitor from Gulmi echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the added allure of the blooming flowers in the spring season.

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While the sight of the blooming Laligurans is a marvel, there’s a call for conservation efforts within the Resunga area. The need to protect existing plants and cultivate new ones is vital to ensuring the continued splendor of this floral display.

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