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Nyauli Falls: A Waterfall Paradise in North Gorkha

April 13, 2024
Nyauli Falls A Waterfall

Nyauli Falls is a stunning waterfall in Nepal’s North Gorkha region. This emerging tourist destination offers breathtaking natural beauty and a chance to experience Nepali culture.

Located between Tampu Hill and Dharche Chingar Hill in Nepal’s Dharche Rural Municipality, Nyauli Falls is rapidly becoming a popular stop for both domestic and international visitors. The waterfall, cascading approximately 55 meters into the Budhigandaki River, adds to the allure of the Manaslu trekking trail and the wider Dharche region.

Tourists are drawn to Nyauli Falls’ natural beauty, eager to capture photos in front of the waterfall and beneath the recently constructed observation structure. The waterfall’s constant flow and proximity to the Budhigandaki River create a stunning scene that captivates visitors.

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The increasing popularity of Nyauli Falls highlights the tourism potential of the Dharche Rural Municipality. One Resident notes the frequent visits by groups of young people eager to experience the waterfall.

Dharche Rural Municipality’s chairman, Lakshman Gurung, acknowledges the importance of Nyauli Falls as a tourist destination. The municipality plans to enhance the area with additional structures, including a motorized bridge beneath the waterfall, to further promote tourism-driven development and prosperity for the region. Chairman Gurung emphasizes the need to increase awareness of Nyauli Falls on both national and international levels to fully realize its potential.

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