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You Won’t Believe This Gorgeous Waterfall is Right Here in Nepal

March 27, 2024
Gorgeous Waterfall Purandhara

Nestled in the Babai Rural Municipality, Purandhara Waterfall is quickly becoming a popular destination for domestic tourists. With its 45-foot cascade and stunning natural beauty, the waterfall was once a hidden treasure but has gained significant attention thanks to recent social media promotion.

Locals say that the waterfall’s charm will captivate anyone who visits. As temperatures rise, more people are seeking out its cool waters for swimming and selfies. Kul Bahadur Budha, an employee managing parking at the waterfall, reports a daily influx of 300 to 400 visitors from Dang and neighboring districts.

Gorgeous Waterfall Purandhara by Ditible
Gorgeous Waterfall Purandhara

While there’s no individual admission fee, parking charges help fund staff for safety and infrastructure improvements. Visitors like Shyam Chaudhary, a first-timer from Tulsipur, express their amazement at the waterfall’s beauty and call for greater conservation efforts.

With the potential for more tourists and development, locals hope that the road to the waterfall, located eight kilometers from Tawang, will be paved. Tourists also note the potential for water activities, nature walks, and wildlife observation in conjunction with a visit to Purandhara Waterfall and the nearby Babai River.

Babai Rural Municipality Chairman Kul Prasad KC confirms a master plan is in place to transform the waterfall into a major tourist attraction for the district.

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