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Antu Tourism Festival Kicks Off to Promote Scenic Destination

April 12, 2024
Antu Tourism Festival

The Antu Tourism Festival has begun in the beautiful Antu region of Ilam, Nepal. The festival, organized by the Suryodaya Municipality, aims to promote Antu as a must-visit tourist destination.

Two Days of Exciting Events

The festival promises two days of fun-filled activities. Day one featured the grand finale of “Suryodaya Idol,” delicious food stalls, festive lights, and exciting musical performances. On day two, visitors can enjoy:

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  • Sunrise Viewing: Experience a breathtaking sunrise from Antu Danda.
  • Cultural Exchange: Celebrate diversity with greetings, a special presentation of endangered Lapcha costumes, and cultural displays from various ethnic groups.
  • “Suryodaya Idol” Winners: Witness the announcement of the competition’s winners, followed by prize distribution and more musical performances.

Star-Studded Performances

The festival features performances by popular artists such as Yama Baral, Pujan Pradhan, Bhupendra Rai, Ganesh Parajuli, Shobha Parajuli, and Futi Sherpa.

Focus on Responsible Tourism

The municipality emphasizes managing drug, alcohol, and tobacco use for a safe and enjoyable festival experience.

Accommodations and Expectations

Organizers have arranged 66 homestays, private hotels, and cottages for visitors, ensuring accommodation for up to 5,000 people. They expect around 10,000 tourists to attend the festival.

Why Visit Antu?

Antu offers visitors a unique experience with stunning sunrise views, scenic mountain ranges, boat rides on Antu Pokhari, lush tea plantations, and charming cottages. Its rich culture and traditional architecture add to its allure. The festival promises to make Antu an even more attractive destination for years to come.

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