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Protest Over Koshi Province Name, Demanding Multi-National State

June 9, 2024
Protest Over Koshi Province Name

Members of the Koch-Madhesh Bureau, affiliated with the National Liberation Revolution, held a protest rally on Saturday demanding the cancellation of the Koshi province name.

Rally organizers argued that the current name fails to represent the diverse ethnicities within the province. Speakers like Rajendra Mahato, coordinator of the National Liberation Revolution, emphasized the need for a multi-national state to reflect Nepal’s social makeup.

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“Until the character of a single national state is changed to a multi-national state, the common people cannot feel the change,” Mahato declared.

Rally participants, including members of the Madheshi, Limbu, Rai, and Koch communities, called for a name change that recognizes their identities. Keshav Jha, another leader, further criticized the demarcation of the Koshi province, demanding its revision.

Jha accused the state of historically dividing and oppressing marginalized communities. He expressed confidence in a unified movement of Madhesi, tribal, and oppressed Khas Arya communities, believing it will lead to a successful national liberation revolution and the establishment of a multi-national state.

Speakers throughout the program advocated for a multi-national state built on community socialism within a swadeshi (self-reliance) ideology.

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