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Notorious Criminal Rajan Majhi Arrested from Biratnagar

March 9, 2024
Rajan Majhi
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Nepalese authorities have arrested Rajan Majhi, alias Rajesh, the alleged leader of a gang responsible for kidnapping Indian businessmen and collecting ransom. The 40-year-old was apprehended at the Khadka Hotel in Kanchanbari, Biratnagar.

Police investigations indicate Majhi’s involvement in numerous criminal activities, including kidnapping, extortion, and robbery. He currently faces four pending robbery cases. Majhi was produced before the Morang district court after being arrested in connection with a robbery case.

Authorities in the Mahottari district strongly suspect Majhi to be the mastermind behind two high-profile kidnappings in recent months. In November and January, two businessmen from the Sitamarhi district of Bihar, India, were abducted from Sonvarsha market. During the kidnappings, voice recordings demanding ransom are believed to be those of Majhi.

The first victim, 34-year-old Abhishek Kumar, was released after the gang received 50 lakhs Indian rupees, though the demand was 30 million Indian rupees. Kameshwar Rai, the second victim, was freed after payment of a 48 lakh Nepalese rupee ransom.

DSP Dilip Kumar Giri of the Mahottari police states, “The investigation revealed that his gang was involved in both these kidnapping incidents. The voice on the phone asking for ransom also seems to belong to him. He is a dangerous criminal.”

Rajan Majhi is currently facing proceedings in Biratnagar for past crimes. He will then be brought to the Mahottari district to face charges related to the kidnapping cases. Authorities plan to conduct further investigations into his activities.

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