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NEPSE Experiences Decline on Tuesday

April 2, 2024
NEPSE Experiences Decline

The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) continued its downward trend on Tuesday, with the index dropping 1.85 points to close at 2010.21. Today’s trading saw 6,131,021 shares from 312 companies change hands, generating a turnover of Rs 2,291,645,585.

Mixed Performance Among Sectors

Financial, investment, life insurance, microfinance, mutual fund, and trading groups saw slight increases in their indices. However, all other sectors experienced declines.

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Notable Share Price Movements

Gurans Microfinance Limited reached a positive circuit, while Ganapati Microfinance Limited and Upakar Microfinance Limited saw significant gains of 9.64% and 8.64% respectively. Jyoti Development Bank Bond-2087 experienced a notable decline of 7.50%. Gurkhas Finance Limited led the trading volume with a turnover of Rs 149,884,901.

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