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Mayor Sampang Padlocks BPKIHS Office of Prof. Dr. Prahlad Karki Amid Escalating Controversies

January 15, 2024
Sampang Padlocks Office of Prahlad Karki

Dharan, Nepal: In a dramatic escalation of tensions at the B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS), Mayor Harka Sampang took matters into his own hands on Monday, padlocking the office of the acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Prahlad Karki.

Riding solo on his motorcycle, the Mayor arrived at the institute amidst growing controversies and unaddressed demands of teachers and medical staff. Citing concerns about the ongoing crisis, he bypassed protocol and directly locked the Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s office before leaving for the municipal office.

His message was clear: don’t touch the padlock. “Let others not open the lock on the Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s office; I will personally come and unlock it when necessary,” Sampang declared, sending a strong signal to the institute’s leadership.

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This bold move underscores the Mayor’s frustration with the lack of accountability within BPKIHS. He emphasized that he will not tolerate high-ranking officials evading responsibility for the ongoing turmoil. “The padlocking action was undertaken to ensure that the concerns of the employees are not overlooked,” he stated.

Sampang’s unorthodox approach has brought the spotlight back to the growing tensions at BPKIHS. With teachers and medical staff facing unresolved issues, the Mayor’s intervention raises questions about the institute’s leadership and its ability to address the crisis.

Whether Sampang’s padlock will unlock a path towards resolution or spark further tensions remains to be seen. However, his actions have undoubtedly injected a dose of drama into the BPKIHS saga, ensuring that the institute’s problems stay firmly in the public eye.

Key Points:

  • Mayor Harka Sampang padlocked the office of the acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor of BPKIHS.
  • The action comes amid escalating controversies and unaddressed demands of institute staff.
  • Sampang cited concerns about accountability and a need to address employee concerns.
  • His unconventional approach raises questions about the institute’s leadership and path forward.

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