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Janamat Shifts Strategy, Backs Ruling Alliance in National Assembly Elections

January 15, 2024
Janamat Shifts Strategy

Nepal: In a surprising twist, the Janamat Party announced its support for the ruling alliance in the upcoming National Assembly elections, despite earlier tensions over seat allocation. Previously, Dr. CK Raut’s party threatened to field its candidates due to dissatisfaction with the coalition’s offer.

Following negotiations, the Janamat Party nominated candidates in two clusters – Balgovinda Chaudhary (Tharu) for Lumbini Province and Ramshankar Mahaseth for Madhes Province. However, in a significant move, Dr. Raut declared Janamat’s support for the ruling coalition candidates in the remaining 17 seats.

“Though dissatisfied with the coalition’s seat allocation, we prioritize national stability and good governance,” stated Dr. Raut in a press release. “While focusing on securing our candidates’ victories in Lumbini and Madhes, we will cast our votes for the ruling alliance in the rest.”

This strategic shift could solidify the ruling alliance’s position in the upcoming elections, scheduled for January 25. The alliance, already comprising the Nepali Congress (10 seats), CPN-Maoist Center (6 seats), CPN-Unified Socialist (2 seats), and Janata Socialist Party (1 seat), now gains Janamat’s support in crucial constituencies.

However, the decision is likely to raise questions within Janamat regarding their initial stance against the coalition. Critics might view it as a compromise made for personal gains or a strategic alliance to secure Janamat’s future participation in government.

Dr. Raut’s move undoubtedly injects another layer of complexity into the already intricate Nepali political landscape. While the ruling alliance welcomes Janamat’s support, the long-term implications of this strategy for both parties and the broader political scenario remain to be seen.

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