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Madhesh Provincial Assembly Erupts in Chaos, Vandalism

The outburst was sparked by accusations against Speaker Ramchandra Mandal.
April 16, 2024
Madhesh Provincial Assembly

A scheduled floor test for Madhesh Chief Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav descended into chaos on Tuesday as lawmakers from the Janamat Party and the Nepali Congress vandalized the assembly hall. The outburst was sparked by accusations against Speaker Ramchandra Mandal of forcefully pushing forward the proceedings. Speaker Mandal briefly adjourned the meeting after the incident.

This disruption stems from ongoing tensions surrounding a previous incident in Rajbiraj, where Janamat Party leaders and members were injured. The Janamat Party had demanded a parliamentary investigation, leading to an earlier meeting adjournment.

The foundation for this conflict lies in the withdrawal of support for the Madhesh government by the CK Raut-led Party in January, following a dispute related to a university foundation-laying event. Further instability arose from the Nepali Congress withdrawing support for Chief Minister Yadav as political alliances shifted at the national level.

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