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UAE Rainfall: Floods Force Red Alert, Schools Closed, Airport Disrupted

April 16, 2024
UAE Rainfall Floods

Dubai, UAE – The United Arab Emirates has been brought to a standstill by torrential Rainfall and severe storms that have caused extensive flooding, leading to the closure of schools, disruptions at Dubai’s airport, and the declaration of a red alert by the country’s Met Office. The storms, which intensified on Tuesday, follow a deadly weather event in neighboring Oman, where 18 people have been confirmed dead.

Warnings and Precautions

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) issued a red alert, the highest warning level, indicating “hazardous weather events of exceptional severity.” Residents and visitors have been urged to exercise extreme caution, stay away from flooded areas, and follow all safety measures. The NCM is actively monitoring the situation and providing continuous updates.

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Widespread Disruptions

Dubai, the UAE’s financial hub, has been particularly hard hit, as flagship shopping centers such as Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates were affected by flooding. Roads, residential areas, and at least one Dubai Metro station were also inundated. Operations at Dubai International Airport, the world’s busiest international hub, had to be temporarily suspended, leading to flight cancellations.

The disruptive weather has forced the closure of schools across the UAE, with remote learning extended. Government departments have been instructed to switch to remote work until further notice.

Regional Impact

The severe weather system, which originated over Oman, has also battered neighboring countries. Bahrain has experienced heavy rainfall and flooding, with residents expressing fear as thunder and lightning accompanied the downpours.

Climate Change Concerns

Both the UAE and Oman have acknowledged the potential link between increasingly severe weather events and the impacts of climate change. Scientists warn that climate change exacerbates the likelihood and intensity of extreme weather phenomena.

Updates and Relief Efforts

The situation remains dynamic, with additional rainfall and potential hailstorms forecast for Wednesday. The NCM and relevant authorities are working diligently to address the impact of the storms and ensure the safety of residents. Updates will be provided as the situation develops.

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