Kailash Sirohiya Ailing in Custody May Be Transferred to Kathmandu for Treatment

May 28, 2024
Kailash Sirohiya

Kailash Sirohiya, president of Kantipur Media Group, faces a possible transfer to Kathmandu for medical care after his health deteriorated in police custody.

Sirohiya has been held in Dhanusha for a week on citizenship-related charges. According to a doctor at Janakpurdham’s Kavya Hospital, where Sirohiya is currently being treated, his condition necessitates further treatment in Kathmandu.

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While Sirohiya has received ongoing medical attention in Dhanusha, his high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat warrant a transfer, the doctor advised.

Police officials are currently consulting legal experts to determine the best course of action. This likely involves discussions with prosecutors to decide if Sirohiya can be transported to Kathmandu. Authorities are also preparing for a possible helicopter transfer.

This development follows a court order on Monday, allowing Sirohiya access to necessary medical treatment. The court, during Sirohiya’s third detention extension hearing, emphasized his right to healthcare and opened the possibility of transferring him to a more suitable facility.

Sirohiya appeared in court on Monday via ambulance from Kavya Hospital. The court extended his detention by three days, marking the third such extension. He was initially arrested last Tuesday at Kantipur headquarters and transported to Dhanusha by road. Soon after, he was admitted to Kavya Hospital while under police custody.

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