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‘Degree Maila’ Thrives at Box Office During Opening Weekend

April 14, 2024
Degree Maila

KATHMANDU, NEPAL – Rambabu Gurung’s “Degree Maila” has achieved an impressive box office performance in its opening weekend nationwide. With occupancy exceeding 50% even on Sunday, the film’s success shows promising signs of continued momentum.

Distributor Kafia Films reports that “Degree Maila” earned enthusiastically on both Friday and Saturday at the domestic box office. “The strong flow of viewers throughout the weekend leads us to believe this trend will continue for some time,” distributor Shahi told the media.

Degree Maila
Degree Maila Still image from Trailer

Key locations across the country, including major Kathmandu multiplexes, saw 100% occupancy for “Degree Maila” on Saturday – a New Year holiday. Packed shows began early in the day, with some theaters even adding a late 11:45 PM screening to accommodate demand.

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The film’s star, Dayahang Rai, fittingly celebrated his birthday on Saturday. He interacted with audiences and cut a celebratory cake in a theater, reveling in the positive response. This mirrors last year’s birthday celebration in a packed theater during the run of his film “Jarri.”

Actress Aanchal Sharma expressed her excitement at the overwhelming audience support. Executive producer Maniram Pokharel shared his joy at the film’s reception and emphasized his commitment to delivering quality entertainment.

“Degree Maila” stars Dayahang Rai and Aanchal Sharma, along with Bijay Baral, Maotse Gurung, and Prakash Ghimire in lead roles.

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