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“The Whole Timers” First Glimpse

April 23, 2024
The Whole Timers

The much-anticipated Nepali film, “The Whole Timers,” has unveiled its first glimpse after a five-year production journey. Centered around the narrative of a decade-long armed conflict, the film presents a pivotal moment captured a month and a half before its wrap-up, showcasing the portrayal of CPN Maoist guerrillas.

Directed by the collaborative efforts of Puja Gurung and Bibhushan Basnet, the film is unfolding its narrative amidst the picturesque backdrop of Ramaroshan in Achham. Producer Prawin Karki Takki has confirmed that the shooting is on track to conclude within the next month and a half.

In the released glimpse, the cast embodies the personas of the Maoist guerrillas, featuring renowned drama actors such as Khagendra Mahara, Binod Prakash Dhami, and Lakshmi Limbu.

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Namrata Shrestha, along with vlogger Sison Baniya and Kumudini Shrestha, sister of Hollywood fashion designer Prabal Guru, contribute as assistant producers, alongside Soham Dhakal, Pranay Pandey, and Suraj Giri.

The film chronicles the poignant journey of children embroiled in the Maoist insurgency during the prolonged armed conflict. Producer Takki emphasizes that beyond the narrative of warfare, the film delves into the emotions and aspirations of children ensnared in the turmoil of armed strife.

Renowned cinematographer Chintan Rajbhandari is behind the lens, capturing the essence of the narrative.

Gurung and Basnet, known for their directorial prowess in acclaimed short films, helm this project under the banner of Media Port, previously associated with successful productions like “Kabaddi,” “Naka” starring Bipin Karki, and “Ama Khando.”

Scheduled for an initial debut in festivals followed by theatrical releases in 2025, “The Whole Timers” promises to be a poignant portrayal of human resilience amidst the chaos of conflict.

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