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Boksi Ko Ghar Maintains Box Office Momentum, Exceeds 3 Crores

April 30, 2024
Boksi Ko Ghar
Still image from movie Boksi Ko Ghar

The film ‘Boksi Ko Ghar’ is proving to be a box office success, with enthusiastic audience turnout even on weekdays. After collecting 3 crores 20 lakhs gross during its opening weekend, the film maintained strong momentum.

The distribution company reports earnings of 53 lakhs on Sunday and 41 lakhs on Monday, with nationwide occupancy on Tuesday ranging from 40 to 70%. This brings the film’s four-day total earnings to 3 crore 24 lakh rupees. Occupancy remains high at theaters like INI and QFX.

With the Labor Day public holiday on Wednesday, projections suggest continued strong earnings. It’s estimated the film could earn at least another 1 crore in its second weekend, potentially surpassing the 5 crore mark in total earnings. Notably, the film recouped its investment within the first two days of release.

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Produced by Keki Adhikari and directed by Sulakshan Bharti, ‘Boksi Ko Ghar’ explores the theme of the witch Kupratha. There are plans to screen the film in select foreign markets.

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