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Criminal Background Revealed in Lalitpur Gang Fight

March 26, 2024
Lalitpur Gang Fight

A deadly clash in Lalitpur Metropolitan Municipality-26, Dholahiti, has taken a new turn with the revelation that one of the arrested individuals has a criminal background. The incident occurred on Sunday night after Holi celebrations, when two individuals, Robas Rai and Pujan Rai, were fatally stabbed during an alcohol-fueled altercation at the D Popina canteen.

Police investigations led to the arrest of 18 people from two separate groups allegedly involved in the murder. One of these individuals, Bijay Rai, the owner of the snack shop, is believed to be the person who wielded the knife during the fight.

Bijay Rai has a prior criminal history. Police sources indicate that he was previously convicted and served a two-year prison sentence for a drug-related offense. The Thankot police had investigated and prosecuted him in this case.

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Police are expected to hold a press conference today to release further details about the incident.

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