Gang fight in Lalitpur: What Reason Sparked the Violence?

March 25, 2024
Gang fight in Lalitpur
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Kathmandu – A deadly gang fight inside the D. Popina cafeteria in Lalitpur’s Dholahiti locality of the district has been linked to an unresolved dispute between two groups, police investigations reveal. Two individuals, Pujan Rai and Robas Rai, lost their lives in the incident.

According to sources, a group led by Pujan Rai was already present in the restaurant when members of Robas Rai’s group arrived, leading to an initial confrontation. Robas Rai was reportedly summoned to the scene later, after which the dispute escalated violently.

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“There appears to be a history of conflict between the two groups,” a police source stated. “The exact reason for their presence at the restaurant and the nature of their dispute remains under investigation.”

The restaurant owner is also reportedly implicated in the incident. The fight occurred inside the restaurant, and a weapon was recovered outside. Police have detained 18 individuals for questioning in connection with the altercation.

Authorities became aware of the incident only when the injured were taken to the hospital. One was transported via scooter, the other by the restaurant owner in a taxi. Local witnesses claim to not know about the fight.

The deceased, 28-year-old Robas Rai of Sunsari district and 30-year-old Pujan Rai of Panchthar district, succumbed to stab wounds sustained in the attack.

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