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CPN-UML Removes Saraj Ahmad Farooqui From Central Membership

February 16, 2024
Saraj Ahmad Farooqui

The CPN-UML has initiated steps to remove Saraj Ahmad Farooqui, who attained a central membership position during the tenth General Convention in Chitwan held from November 26-30, 2021.

Nevertheless, the party is maintaining silence regarding Farooqui’s status as a lawmaker.

Originally elected as the leading candidate from the Muslim community in the proportional representation list, Farooqui was previously involved in foreign employment business.

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Amid allegations involving the illicit extraction of money by falsely promising opportunities abroad, Farooqui submitted his resignation from the party’s central membership during a meeting at the party headquarters on Thursday.

While grappling with accusations of financial misconduct, the party has refrained from commenting on Farooqui’s parliamentary role.

Acknowledging the resignation from central membership, UML Kapilvastu district chairman Dambar Sharma affirmed that no complaints had been lodged against Farooqui.

“There was a general dispute about some financial transactions a while ago, which he claimed had been resolved at the local level. There have been no complaints against him. We are unaware of why the central committee asked him to resign,” stated Sharma.

Furthermore, the central party has not been provided with information explaining the reasons behind Farooqui’s resignation, Sharma added.

Farooqui, who is the son-in-law of the late Mirza Dil Saad Beg, murdered several years ago, has a close relationship with party Chairman KP Oli.

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