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900 Police Deployed for Safe Holi in Kathmandu

March 23, 2024
Safe Holi in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU, Nepal – In a bid to ensure a joyous and incident-free Holi festival, the Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Office has announced comprehensive safety measures. A force of 900 police personnel will be strategically deployed across the valley to uphold traffic regulations and prevent accidents.

“Our priority is to ensure everyone can celebrate Holi safely,” stated Jeevan Kumar Shrestha, spokesperson for the Valley Traffic Police Office. “We will have a strong presence to enforce traffic rules and take action against violators.”

The extensive plan includes:

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  • 90 Checkpoints: Fixed checkpoints will be established at key locations and entry points throughout the valley starting at 7 AM.
  • 30 Mobile Patrols: Mobile vans will provide flexible monitoring of traffic, allowing for quick response to any incidents.
  • Beyond Traffic Safety: Police presence will also deter unauthorized use of colors and water, address excessive noise complaints, and prevent potential conflicts.

The Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Office urges everyone to celebrate responsibly and respect the rules in place. Those engaging in disruptive or harmful activities without consent will face consequences.

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