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Kathmandu Launches Dengue Control Campaign

June 27, 2024
Kathmandu Launches Dengue
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Kathmandu Metropolitan City has launched a comprehensive dengue control campaign to combat the threat of the mosquito-borne disease. The health department has mobilized a team of 622 personnel, including 64 health workers and 558 women health volunteers, to tackle the issue.

The campaign, starting on July 5th and encompassing all wards within the city, will focus on several key areas:

  • Destroying Mosquito Breeding Grounds: Teams will be deployed to eliminate mosquito habitats and larvae by spreading chlorine powder and removing stagnant water from sources like potholes, containers, and tires.
  • Community Awareness: Public education is a crucial aspect of the campaign. Residents will be informed about mosquito breeding habits and the importance of preventive measures to avoid contracting dengue.
  • Medical Support: Health promotion centers are prepared to examine and treat patients exhibiting dengue symptoms. Additionally, a 24-hour hotline (1180) has been established to provide counseling on the disease.
  • Free Ambulance Service: In case of hospitalization, residents can call 102 for a free ambulance service.

The campaign will also ensure the availability of essential medications like Cetamol and Jeevan Jal at health promotion centers for dengue treatment.

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This proactive initiative by Kathmandu Metropolitan City aims to safeguard public health and minimize the risk of dengue outbreaks.

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