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Yellow-Breasted Bunting Spotted in Shuklaphanta

March 24, 2024
Yellow-Breasted Bunting
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The endangered Yellow-Breasted Bunting, a bird once lost to the Shuklaphanta region, has made a surprise reappearance. Known locally as “Bagale Bagedi”, this species hasn’t been seen in the area since its initial documentation in Shuklaphanta National Park in 1980.

Suwan Chaudhary, a conservationist, spotted a flock of these birds in a farmer’s field in Dhaknia, Shuklaphanta Municipality-2. “It’s a sign that there might still be time to save this precious species,” Chaudhary remarked.

Hirulal Dagaura, an ornithologist at Bird Conservation Nepal, adds a note of urgency: “While this sighting is encouraging, their numbers have dwindled dramatically. We must act swiftly to protect their remaining populations and restore their habitat.” Dagaura points to excessive hunting as a major threat.

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The Yellow-Breasted Bunting’s presence has been noted in other areas of Nepal, reminding us of the widespread conservation efforts needed across the country.

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