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Tiger Numbers rise from13 to 44 in Shuklaphanta National Park in a Decade

April 23, 2024
Shuklaphanta National Park Tiger

Nepal’s Shuklaphanta National Park celebrates a thriving tiger population. Thanks to conservation efforts, numbers have surged from 13 to 44 in just a decade.

Shuklaphanta National Park in Mahendranagar is witnessing a remarkable surge in its tiger population. In just a decade, the number of tigers has more than tripled, from 13 to a current count of 44.

The park’s recent camera trapping survey revealed 24 male and 17 female tigers. With three additional tigers included in the analysis, the total number reaches 44. This increase is a testament to the park’s conservation efforts and favorable habitat conditions.

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“We have a thriving tiger population due to the abundance of prey, excellent habitat, and most importantly, our success in preventing poaching,” says Pramod Bhattarai, Chief Conservation Officer.

Despite being a prime destination for wildlife enthusiasts, Shuklaphanta National Park remains relatively undiscovered, offering a unique opportunity for nature lovers.

“Shuklaphanta is famous for its Royal Bengal tigers, but it lacks the international recognition it deserves,” says Jagdish Bhatt, a local tourism businessman.

The Kanchanpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry emphasizes the importance of promoting the park as a key driver for the region’s economic development.

With its flourishing wildlife, including tigers, swamp deer, and rhinoceros, Shuklaphanta National Park holds immense potential as a premier wildlife tourism destination. Increased awareness and promotion could make it an even more significant contributor to Nepal’s wildlife conservation and local economy.

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