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Three Arrested in Stabbing Death of Man in Khotang

April 15, 2024
Khotang Stabbing Arrest

Three individuals have been detained in connection with the homicide of 31-year-old Dhanjit Rai from Kharmi, Diktel Rupakot Majhuwagadhi Municipality-11 in Khotang. The suspects identified are 22-year-old Bikas Rai, 18-year-old Ashan Rai, and 28-year-old Ganesh Rai, all from the same locality.

The incident occurred approximately at 8 PM on April 13th, when Dhanjit was fatally stabbed in a maize field owned by Bhim Bahadur Basnet. Following the murder, the accused fled from Ward No. 10 of the same municipality. Deputy Superintendent Purushottam Khadka reported that the trio was later apprehended in Patheka.

“The investigation is ongoing, and the suspects are being processed for their involvement in the crime,” Deputy Superintendent Khadka stated. The police have confirmed that all three suspects have confessed to their roles in the murder.

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Earlier on the day of the murder, it was reported that the intoxicated youths assaulted Bhim Bahadur Basnet at his residence. Dhanjit, responding to Basnet’s calls for help, arrived at the scene where he was subsequently attacked and stabbed by the youths. After being wounded, Dhanjit managed to call his brother and inform him of the assault.

Resident Umesh Rai disclosed that Dhanjit’s body was discovered in the cornfield following his phone conversation with his brother. Both Dhanjit and Bhim Bahadur were known locally as construction workers. On the day of the attack, Bhim Bahadur and his wife, Prem Kumari, sustained minor injuries from the altercation with the three youths.

It was noted that Bikas and Ashan Rai had previously been arrested and released on bail in April of last year for indecent behavior. Another accused, Ganesh, had been released from prison after serving time for a theft case.

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