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The Starting Point of the Tunnel Journey in Nepal

April 15, 2024
Tunnel Journey in Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal – The partial opening of the Nagdhunga-Sisnekhola tunnel marks a significant turning point in Nepal’s infrastructure development. This project represents the nation’s first dedicated road tunnel and paves the way for more ambitious projects in the future. The tunnel simplifies the Sindhuli journey from Kathmandu, the nation’s capital.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda inaugurated the tunnel’s ‘breakthrough‘ on April 15th, 2024. The Sindhuli road, a 2,688-meter highway, is crucial for connecting Kathmandu to outer districts.

Key Points:

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  • Reduced Traffic Congestion: The tunnel aims to address traffic jams, safety concerns, and potential landslides on the Nagdhunga route.
  • Economic Benefits: Improved outer road conditions will reduce travel time and transportation costs.
  • Historical Legacy: The Nagdhunga tunnel joins a rich history of Sindhuli roads in Nepal, a testament to the region’s enduring need for connectivity.

A Brief History of Sindhuli Roads

  • 1917: The first Sindhuli road in Nepal was constructed in the Churiyamai region by Chandrashamsher. While later discontinued, it paved the way for future projects.
  • Electricity-Driven Development: Both the Marshyangdi and Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Projects built Sindhuli roads for their own operational needs.
  • The Busy Prithvi Highway: The construction of a Sindhuli road along the Prithvi Highway further demonstrates the continued focus on connectivity in the region.
  • Contemporary Nagdhunga Project: The Nagdhunga-Sisnekhola tunnel is the fourth dedicated Sindhuli road and a landmark in Nepal’s infrastructure development.

Project Details

  • Length: 2,688-meter tunnel with a 2,557-meter rescue tunnel.
  • Construction: Includes flyovers, bridges, and underpasses.
  • Contractor: Japanese company Hazama-Ando J.V.
  • Cost: Approximately 22 billion Nepalese Rupees.
  • Timeline: Completion expected within a year.

Restrictions and Future Development:

  • Motorcycles and over-speeding vehicles are temporarily prohibited from the tunnel.
  • Numerous additional Sindhuli road projects are currently underway or in the planning stages.

The Nagdhunga tunnel signals a new era for Nepal’s transportation network. This pioneering project builds upon a historical need for strong connections in the Sindhuli region, promising improved connectivity, economic growth, and safer travel for years to come.

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