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Bishop, Churchgoers Stabbed in Sydney During Livestreamed Sermon

April 15, 2024
Bishop, Churchgoers Stabbed

SYDNEY – A shocking attack occurred Monday evening at the Christ The Good Shepherd Church in the suburb of Wakeley. During a sermon that was being streamed online, a bishop and several churchgoers were stabbed. None of the injuries were reported as life-threatening.

Police have arrested a man who is being held at an undisclosed location. Following the attack, large crowds gathered outside the church, with unverified online footage appearing to show some individuals attacking the building and emergency service vehicles. Police have issued a statement urging the public to avoid the area.

Local media have identified the bishop as Mar Mari Emmanuel, an identity confirmed by the Eastern Orthodox church. The church also reported that a priest, Father Isaac, was injured in the attack and both were transported to a hospital for treatment. The church has requested prayers and asked those at the premises to leave peacefully.

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Local leaders, including Mayor Frank Carbone, have called for calm in the wake of the incident. Police have established a heavy presence at the church to manage the crowds.

The incident occurred in a neighborhood known as a hub for Sydney’s Christian Assyrian community, many of whom have sought refuge from war and persecution in Iraq and Syria.

Livestreamed footage of the sermon shows a man in dark clothing approaching the bishop and appearing to strike him with an unidentified weapon. The attack prompted intervention from others in attendance and screams could be heard.

Police have stated the injured persons, all believed to be men aged 20 to 70, received non-life-threatening wounds. Medical personnel are providing treatment. The motive for the attack is currently unknown.

This violent incident comes just days after six people were killed in a shopping mall attack in Sydney. The attacker was subsequently shot dead by police.

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