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Home Minister Lamichhane Implicated in Illegal Loan Scandal, Police Report Reveals

April 15, 2024
Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane

In a recent investigation by the Rupandehi District Police, Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane has been implicated in the illegal withdrawal of funds from the Supreme Savings and Loan Cooperative in Butwal. According to the police investigation report, Lamichhane unlawfully secured a loan of two crore rupees, but he has not been formally questioned by the police.

The public prosecutor’s office has filed charges related to the misappropriation case, stating that the loan was fraudulently taken out in Lamichhane’s name under the management of Gitendrababu (GB) Rai. The funds, totaling 1 crore 96 lakh rupees, were allegedly deposited into the account of Gorkha Media Network Pvt on March 31, 2021. Gorkha Media Network, which owns 15 percent of Galaxy TV, received an investment of Rs. 14 crore 19 lakhs from various sources, including this transaction.

Despite the clear evidence in the police report, the investigation did not extend to Lamichhane himself, and the public prosecutor’s office proceeded with filing charges against other individuals involved without addressing Lamichhane’s role. The case came to light following complaints by 1,828 savers at the cooperative, prompting a police investigation into significant embezzlement, misappropriation, and fraud concerning the cooperative’s funds.

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