Temu’s Aggressive Marketing Faces Criticism in South Korea

February 20, 2024
Temu's Aggressive Marketing
Photo: ProductHunt

The Chinese online shopping platform Temu has received criticism in South Korea due to its aggressive tactics used to attract customers. The PDD Holdings-owned app has become popular with budget-conscious shoppers through extensive giveaways of gifts and credits.

Temu’s strategies include substantial discounts (up to 90%), a 90-day free return policy, and rewards reaching hundreds of thousands of won (Korean currency). To obtain these benefits, users must participate in a refer-a-friend program, inviting numerous friends to join the platform.

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The app’s success has been furthered by young Korean influencers (20s and 30s) posting unboxing videos on YouTube and other social media platforms showcasing Temu purchases. This tactic attracts views and subscribers, ultimately increasing influencers’ profits.

Temu’s subscriber base in Korea has seen a massive surge, from 520,000 in August to 5.7 million in January. While both Temu and AliExpress offer ultra-low prices, consumers have cited concerns over long shipping times and inconsistent product quality.

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