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Kathmandu Air Pollution Crisis: City Ranks Fourth Worst Globally

February 20, 2024
Kathmandu Air Pollution Crisis
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Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, has the devastating distinction of being the world’s fourth most polluted city. Currently, the air quality is deemed ‘unhealthy’, with PM2.5 levels reaching a dangerous 184 μg/m3 – this is a staggering 24 times higher than World Health Organization (WHO) safety guidelines.

Health Risks Abound: PM2.5, tiny airborne particles, pose a severe threat to public health. Neighboring areas are also badly affected, with Bhaktapur’s PM2.5 levels 28.6 times the WHO limit and Lalitpur’s 12.5 times higher.

Global Context: Sadly, Kathmandu is in grim company on IQ AirVisual’s rankings: Chengdu (China), Lahore (Pakistan), and Delhi (India) hold the top three spots for worst air pollution.

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A Glimmer of Hope: It’s crucial to remember that not all cities face this crisis. Prague (Czech Republic), Lyon (France), and Denver (USA) offer examples of urban areas with remarkably clean air.

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