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SpaceX Starship Test Makes Progress, Booster Hits the Water

March 14, 2024

Boca Chica, Texas – In a dramatic test flight, SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft and its Super Heavy booster successfully took off at 9:25 AM ET today. Following a thunderous launch packed with the power of 33 Raptor engines, the two stages of the vehicle successfully separated in a key maneuver known as “hot staging.”

While the Starship spacecraft continues its journey, the Super Heavy booster has splashed down in the water. Though a complete landing was not achieved, this marks significant progress compared to previous tests where the booster was destroyed before attempting a landing. SpaceX is reviewing data to analyze the flight.

Key Milestones

  • Successful Launch: Starship and Super Heavy lifted off without incident and reached a nominal flight path.
  • Hot Staging Success: The crucial stage separation maneuver was executed as planned.
  • Super Heavy’s Progress: While the booster did not complete a full landing, it reached the water and made it further than in previous attempts.

Previous Starship test flights ended in explosions, making this launch and its partial success a significant step forward for SpaceX’s ambitious reusable rocket program.

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