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Nepal Petition Seeks Live-in Relationship Recognition

March 15, 2024
Live-in Relationship Nepal

Biratnagar, Nepal – A groundbreaking writ petition has been filed at Nepal’s Supreme Court demanding legal recognition and regulation of live-in relationships. Advocate Anu Bhattarai, the petitioner, highlights the increasing number of couples choosing this arrangement and the lack of legal protection they currently face.

Bhattarai argues that a clear legal framework is essential to protect individuals in live-in relationships from coercion, relationship disputes, and social stigma. The petition notes the outdated societal perception of such relationships as immoral and seeks to modernize societal views.

“This petition aims to address the urgent need for regulation and to protect individuals in live-in relationships while upholding their dignity and rights,” Advocate Bhattarai explains.

The petition proposes guidelines for live-in relationships, including:

  • Age of Consent: Only adults above 18 years of age should be eligible.
  • Marital Status: Live-in relationships would be restricted to unmarried, divorced, or widowed individuals.
  • Separation: Clear guidelines for separation, addressing reasons such as mutual consent or external pressures.
  • Privacy: Protection of personal privacy during and after separation.

The Supreme Court has scheduled the first hearing of this landmark petition for March 17th. This case has the potential to significantly reshape societal views and provide much-needed legal safeguards for couples in Nepal choosing live-in relationships.

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