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Speaker Ghimire Heads to IPU in Switzerland

March 21, 2024
Speaker Devraj Ghimire

Speaker Devraj Ghimire, with political party Chief Whips, heads to Switzerland for a vital Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) meeting.

This significant delegation includes Ramesh Lekhak, Chief Whip of Nepali Congress (NC); Mahesh Bartaula, Chief Whip of CPN-UML; Hitraj Pandey, Chief Whip of CPN-Maoist Center; Santosh Pariyar, Chief Whip of Rastriya Swatantra Party; and Ganga Belbase, a member of the National Assembly. The absence of Speaker Ghimire and Chief Whips has necessitated a postponement of the House of Representatives (HoR) meeting for 10 days.

Additionally, the delegation comprises key figures such as Padma Prasad Pandey, the Secretary-General of the Federal Parliament; Ekram Giri, the spokesperson; Pradeep Guragain, an international bench official of the parliament; and Tej Prakash Bhattarai, the personal secretary of Speaker Ghimire.

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Parliament’s spokesperson, Ekram Giri, has confirmed that the team, including the Speaker, is anticipated to return from Switzerland on March 29. Consequently, the rescheduling of the Parliament meeting has been arranged for March 31 to accommodate the delegation’s participation in the IPU meeting.

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