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Singer Eleena Chauhan Marries Bishnu Sapkota in Festive Ceremony

April 17, 2024
Singer Eleena Chauhan

Singer Eleena Chauhan tied the knot with Bishnu Sapkota in a vibrant wedding ceremony on Wednesday. The event took place at the Birta Party Palace in Birtamod, Jhapa, where Eleena donned a traditional Barmala to adorn her partner.

The celebration saw the groom dressed up as a bride, with the couple joyously exchanging rings in the presence of family and friends.

The wedding was attended by notable figures including singers Rachana Rimal and Melina Mainali, who are close to Eleena. The festivities began with Bishnu arriving in Jhapa from his home in Baglung on Tuesday evening, accompanied by a joyful procession.

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The party palace was decorated exquisitely, creating a musical and festive atmosphere for the guests and the happy couple.

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