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Our Journey “The Ditible”

April 4, 2024
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It’s been three months since we took The Ditible online, and we’re thrilled with the response! We’re proud to see local communities embracing our digital platform, getting breaking news stories, and staying informed about Eastern Nepal. The positive reception reinforces our commitment to delivering timely and relevant news to our readers in a format they truly enjoy.

The Ditible‘s story isn’t just about digital news; it’s about connecting Eastern Nepal to the world, and the world to Eastern Nepal. Our roots run deep in Biratchowk, Sundarharaicha Municipality, Morang, Nepal – the headquarters of The Ditible.

It all began with a vision: to leverage Niriv’s experience and expand its portfolio into the digital news media landscape. We saw a clear need – a hunger for high-quality, local news in Eastern Nepal, alongside a desire to stay informed about national and global matters.

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The Ditible

The Ditible’s Roots

This vision sprouted in May 2021. We started small, planting seeds by establishing a presence in local newspapers and community groups within Eastern Nepal. This initial, written format served two purposes: building brand awareness and fostering a loyal readership in our local community.

By February 1, 2024, The Ditible had undergone a significant transformation. Recognizing the digital shift in news consumption, we officially launched a robust online platform headquartered in Biratchowk. This digital presence allows us to deliver the latest news on Eastern Nepal, alongside national and international developments, to a wider audience. We can now serve our established readership and reach new viewers from Nepal and beyond.

Our Future

Meet Yukesh Chaudhary, the driving force behind The Ditible and the CEO of Parent Company Niriv. As the platform’s founder and Editor-in-Chief, Yukesh brings a deep passion for news and a keen interest in sports to the table. A dedicated sports writer, he closely follows the pulse of Nepali sports, shaping how our readers experience internal sports news and events.

The Ditible’s growth doesn’t stop here. We have exciting plans to expand our team, welcoming the best writers and journalists from across Eastern Nepal. This step will further cement our position as the premier source for news and analysis in the region.

Through The Ditible, we remain committed to providing accurate, fair, and independent news coverage. Our core journalistic values – accuracy, fairness, independence, and transparency – guide our reporting, ensuring our readers receive trustworthy and valuable information.

The Ditible’s parent Company is Niriv Corporation Pvt Ltd also known by Just “Niriv” or “Niriv Portal”.

The Ditible For Latest Nepal news, sports news, politics, entertainment, Business, Money & Finance and tech news.
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Aditya Chaudhary

Aditya Chaudhary is a tech reviewer, Technology enthusiast and Tech news writer at The Ditible. He has 3 years of experience as Tech writer.

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