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Kanchanpur Introduces Digital Fine Payment Machines

April 3, 2024
Kanchanpur Digital Fine Machines

Kanchanpur – Paying traffic fines in Kanchanpur just got easier. The traffic police have introduced new digital machines allowing drivers to instantly settle fines on the spot. The machines are currently operational in three locations: Mahendranagar of Bhimdatta Municipality, Tribhuvan Basti of Punarbas Municipality, and Belauri of Belauri Municipality.

Drivers who violate traffic rules can now simply insert payment into the machine at the traffic police office and receive a receipt as proof of their fine payment. No more time-consuming trips to the bank!

The initiative is a collaboration between the District Traffic Police Office Kanchanpur, Prabhu Bank, and the State Traffic Police Office. Police Inspector Naresh BK stated that machines will soon be installed in Gaddachouki and Dodhara Chandni as well.

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Inspector BK also highlighted the success of traffic enforcement efforts in the area. The current financial year has seen a collection of 6.1 million in fines from drivers violating traffic regulations. Importantly, there has been a decrease in fatalities from 36 to 23 in road accidents this year compared to the previous year.

“Our primary focus is on reducing accidents, not just collecting fines,” Inspector BK emphasized. “In addition to regular checks, we’re actively increasing awareness campaigns.” He notes that drivers who are fined also receive reminders on traffic safety.

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