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No QFX Showings for “The Red Suitcase”

April 7, 2024
The Red Suitcase
Photo: The Red Suitcase's Trailer

In a controversial decision, Nepal’s largest multiplex chain, QFX, has declined to screen the critically praised film ‘The Red Suitcase’. The film’s makers, Icefall Production Pvt Ltd, have issued a statement condemning the move as discriminatory and intolerant.

Producer Ram Krishna Pokharel alleges that QFX cited “pressure from other films” as justification for denying ‘The Red Suitcase‘ sufficient showtimes. The film will now release as planned on April 12th in all cinemas except for QFX locations.

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The statement by Icefall Production highlights a pattern of discrimination against Nepali films that explore unique genres, often labeled as “uncommercial.” They cite a past incident where their film ‘Ainaa Jhyalko Putali’ faced a delayed release due to a lack of foreign film censorship.

“By denying these films a chance during festivals and holidays, cinema houses perpetuate a harmful narrative that diverse storytelling is not in the audience’s interest. We refuse to accept such intolerance,” the statement declares.

‘The Red Suitcase’ has garnered significant international acclaim, premiering at the Venice Film Festival and winning awards globally. Its trailer has also received widespread praise.

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