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Nepal’s Maoist Center emerges as largest party in the NA

January 25, 2024
Nepal's Maoist Center

The political environment surrounding the National Assembly (NA) has undergone a substantial transformation in light of the most recent election outcomes.

At this time, the Maoist Center holds the position of the dominant political party in the National Assembly.

The 19th of Thursday’s elections witnessed the triumph of five Maoist Centre candidates, signifying a critical juncture in the party’s sphere of influence.

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In the interim, ten representatives were elected to the Nepali Congress, including two from the Janata Samajwadi Party and one from the Unified Samajwadi Party.

With five more elected members, the Maoist Centre, which currently has fifteen members (including the Vice Chairperson), will solidify its hold on power and become the largest political party in the National Assembly with a total of seventeen members (MPs).

The Nepali Congress, which presently holds ten seats, will change composition on March 3, as four members are slated to depart.

Despite the addition of ten members on Thursday, the party’s total number of seats will remain at 16, placing it in second place.

With eight members at present, the Unified Socialist Party will preserve its position in defiance of the March departure of two members of parliament.

On March 3, the terms of office for eight UML National Assembly members came to an end, bringing the total number of UML members to seventeen.

Notwithstanding securing one Member of Parliament, the UML’s adversity in maintaining seats is apparent, as it presently possesses ten MPs and occupies the third-largest seat in the National Assembly.

The membership of Pramila Kumari Yadav of the Janata Samajwadi Party in the National Assembly remains unaltered, despite the election of one new member today.

One Loktantrik Samajwadi Party member also serves in the National Assembly, thereby contributing to the upper house’s diversified representation of seven political parties.

The recent election results that were released on Thursday have significantly altered the party dynamic and have also influenced the composition of the Nepalese National Assembly.

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