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Nepal-India Conference to Address Global Sanskrit Interest

March 20, 2024
Nepal-India Conference

Kathmandu, Nepal – An international conference is set to convene in Kathmandu, exploring the resurgence of Sanskrit studies worldwide. The Nepal-India International Culture Conference, a collaborative effort by the Policy Research Foundation Nepal, Central Sanskrit University (New Delhi), and India Foundation (New Delhi), will examine the influence of Sanskrit upon modern cultural and educational landscapes.

The conference will explore the re-emergence of Sanskrit as a prominent subject of study within a contemporary global context. Nepal and India boast a rich tradition of Sanskrit education, with numerous universities, colleges, and schools dedicated to its study. Additionally, scholars and researchers across the globe are increasingly engaged in the exploration of this ancient language.

“Sanskrit texts offer timeless wisdom and knowledge with practical applications even in the present day,” noted Dr. Prem Raj Neupane, conference coordinator. “This conclave aims to discuss the growing global demand for Sanskrit education and culture, with Nepal and India poised to play leading roles.”

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Key Conference Topics:

  • The impact of Sanskrit on cultural and educational spheres.
  • The global rise in interest in Sanskrit studies.
  • Applications of ancient Sanskrit knowledge in contemporary society.

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