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Nepal Celebrates Loktantra Day today

April 23, 2024
Loktantra Day

Loktantra Day, marking the historic victory of the People’s Movement-II (April Uprising) and the end of Nepal’s 250-year-old monarchy is being celebrated today across the nation with various programs. This momentous day in Nepali history serves as a powerful reminder of the people’s collective power in demanding a republic system.

The successful culmination of the People’s Movement-II resulted from a unified effort between Nepal’s seven major political parties and the rebel CPN (Maoist). On this day, then-King Gyanendra Shah reinstated the House of Representatives (HoR) and agreed to move forward with the political plan outlined by the parties.

This significant event paved the way for further democratic progress. On Jestha 4, 2063 BS, the reinstated HoR suspended the monarchy and entrusted state leadership to the Prime Minister. After a tumultuous political period, Nepal signed a historic comprehensive peace accord that peacefully resolved the decade-long insurgency.

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The People’s Movement-II was instrumental in institutionalizing core democratic values such as federalism, inclusiveness, proportional representation, and secularism. Importantly, it mandated a minimum of 33 percent female participation in all state bodies and brought marginalized classes, regions, and sectors into mainstream governance. This movement was crucial in restoring and safeguarding the rights unfairly taken away by the monarchy.

Public dissatisfaction with the monarchy had been growing since King Gyanendra assumed the chairmanship of the Council of Ministers on Magh 19, 2061 BS. The 12-point agreement signed on Mangsir 12, 2062 BS, between the seven political parties and CPN (Maoist) set the stage for the movement advocating the reinstatement of Parliament (dissolved on Jeth 8, 2059 BS) and the abolition of the monarchy.

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