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Need Government Services on a Holiday? Here’s How

March 17, 2024
Government Services on a Holiday
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Did you know certain government offices stay open on holidays? Find out which services are available and when.

Did you know that certain government offices stay open even on public holidays? A recent Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) announcement outlined 18 holidays where essential services will continue. This includes offices like the Citizenship Department, Passport Office, Survey Offices, and the Department of Customs.

Which Holidays Are Covered?

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The list includes festivals like Ubhauli, Buddha Jayanti, Republic Day, Gaijatra, Rakshabandhan, Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Indrajatra, Ghatastapana, Christmas, Udhauli, Yomari Punhi, Tamu Lhosar, Maghi, Democracy Day, Mahashivratri, International Women’s Day, Ghode Jatra, and Eid.

Important Note: Janayudhha Diwas (People’s War Day) was initially included but later removed from the public holiday list.

Many People Unaware

Despite these open offices, many citizens remain unaware, leading to low turnout on holidays. Officials like Bidhur Khanal, Director General of the Department of Land Management and Archives, note the minimal staff and service-seekers on these days.

How Does This Affect You?

If you urgently need services from the Citizenship Department, Passport Office, or similar agencies, check the MoHA list to see if they’re open on an upcoming holiday. Remember, offices providing essential services are closed on Saturdays and during the Dashain and Tihar holidays.

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