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Legendary Filmmaker David Breashears Dies at 68

March 17, 2024
David Breashears

David Breashears, renowned for his IMAX documentary ‘Everest’ and extraordinary mountaineering feats, has passed away at his Massachusetts home. He was 68. Business manager Ellen Golbranson confirmed his death from natural causes, with the exact cause currently unknown.

Breashears was a pioneering climber, reaching Everest’s summit an impressive five times. He revolutionized adventure filmmaking, transmitting the first live television images from Everest’s peak in 1983 and becoming the first American to summit twice (1985).

His 1998 IMAX film ‘Everest’ remains a landmark documentary. In a testament to his character, Breashears and his team halted filming during the deadly 1996 blizzard to aid fellow climbers.

Breashears’ legacy extends beyond Everest. In 2007, he founded GlacierWorks, using his skills to document the devastating impact of climate change on Himalayan glaciers. His family honors his commitment to exploration, filmmaking, and preserving the mountains he loved.

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