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Muslims in Nepal Begin Observing the Holy Month of Ramadan

March 12, 2024
Ramadan Muslim Nepal

The sacred month of Ramadan, a cornerstone of the Islamic faith, has begun in Nepal. During this month-long observance, devoted Muslims across the country will engage in fasting from sunrise to sunset. This practice, known as Roza, involves abstaining from both food and water throughout daylight hours.

The fasting schedule is closely tied to the daily cycle of the sun. Muslims begin their fasts with a pre-dawn meal and break them only after the evening prayers. Ramadan holds a special significance as the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, the Hijri Sambat. It is the month during which Muslims believe the holy Quran was revealed.

Observing Ramadan carries deep spiritual importance, symbolizing devotion, reflection, and a renewed focus on gratitude towards Allah.

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