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Kathmandu Holds Open Gunla Baja Competition

June 8, 2024
Gunla Baja Competition

Kathmandu’s Heritage and Tourism Department, under the “Cultural Metropolitan City” initiative, organized an open Gunla Baja competition today at the National Assembly House.

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Gunla Baja is a traditional Buddhist musical performance. 22 groups participated in the competition, which was inaugurated by Sunita Dangol, Deputy Chief of Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

Gunla: A Month of Buddhist Observance

In the Newari language, “La” means month, and “Gun” means hill and forest. According to the Bikram Samvat calendar, Gunla refers to the period from Srawan Shuklapaksha Pratipada to Bhadra Shuklapaksha Pratipada, lasting roughly one month. During this time, Buddhists celebrate by worshipping the Buddha, reciting Naam Sangati, and performing circumambulations (Parikramas) at various Chaityas (Buddhist stupas) and Buddhist monasteries. Therefore, Gunla holds significance within the Nepal Samvat calendar.

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